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The GI Mysteries Bundle

When your gut is out of whack, you feel out of whack.

It can feel like you have no control over how your body will feel on any given day – with no rhyme or reason.

One day, you think you’ve found the trigger. But the next day, that same thing doesn’t seem to affect you at all.

Which is why GI and digestive issues can be some of the most puzzling (and frustrating!) health issues to deal with.

If any of the above sounds familiar, you’re invited to join us for this all-new Masterclass Bundle, get access to 3 brand-new Masterclasses…


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The GI Mysteries Bundle

MASTERCLASS #1: Outlet Dysfunction Constipation: The Commonly Overlooked Reason You Can’t Go & How to Fix It with Dr. Sabrina Kimball

MASTERCLASS #2: Understanding Stool Testing and How it Can Open Up a Window to Finding the Underlying Cause with Dr. Ilana Gurevich

MASTERCLASS #3: GERD, Gastric Acid, and H. pylori with Dr. Steven Sandberg-Lewis 

You Will Get...

✅ 3 Masterclass Presentations - watch, listen, or read
✅ Instant Unlimited Access - Added to your SIBO SOS® Library.
✅ Video Lesson - Masterclass recording, including the Q&A session.
Transcript - Professional, Searchable, save, print and search
✅ Audio - listen on the go, anytime, anywhere

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