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Free SIBO Practitioner Training - PART 1: Proven SIBO Treatments, Managing Recurrent Symptoms & Expanding the Diet

> Dr. Siebecker’s Solutions to the 3 Most-Requested SIBO Topics for Practitioners
> Which treatments to use for which gas, and the newest terminology. 
> Herbs and pharmaceuticals – what works, and what to do if you can’t (or don’t want to) prescribe pharmaceuticals.
> The simple treatment option that works for all types of SIBO – without a prescription!
> The most underutilized tool in preventing relapse. (We’re continually shocked at how many practitioners don’t have mastery of this piece!)
> How and when to reintroduce foods – it’s easier than you think!

A free virtual training to give you the most crucial information to help your SIBO patients get real results and real relief.