Low stomach acid could be the underlying cause of your SIBO.

If you are not digesting your food properly, you will see increased SIBO symptoms, a weakened immune system, and may put yourself at risk for things like Leaky Gut, nutritional deficiency, and even bigger problems down the road.

Digestion Masterclass and Q&A

with Dr. Mona Morstein



Is this you?

  • Your digestion is off: loose stools, undigested food, frequent bathroom trips...  

  • You have pain in your esophagus or know you have GERD


Are you trying to figure out if you:

  • Have low stomach acid

  • Need to take digestive enzymes (and what kind)

  • Aren’t  breaking down food for absorption and assimilation in the small intestine

  • Have a chance at beating the never-ending bloat of SIBO


These natural digestive aids can significantly improve digestion under the right circumstances — but these supplements may be considered controversial if not used correctly.


And there is cause to be concerned, because some enzymes can literally digest a compromised intestinal border. This is why having the right information is KEY to using them without causing further damage.

You could go on for years in a cycle of needless suffering... if you don't know how to use enzymes and Hydrochloric Acid (HCL) safely and effectively.

Or, you could learn how to use them to reduce your SIBO symptoms, improve your digestion and nutrient absorption, and feel better fast.

This is what we want for you — to be on your way to less pain, suffering, isolation, frustration, and embarrassment. To be free to live your life again, and look forward to a bright future... without fear or worry about how your SIBO symptoms will ruin your plans.

Dr. Mona Morstein has been a highly sought-after naturopathic doctor for 29 years and has taught thousands of other doctors at the college level. A host of a popular TV health show, author, and favorite speaker on both SIBO SOS™ Summits, Dr. Morstein has earned a reputation as the kind of doctor you’d want on your side — someone who will fight for you and give you the common sense, effective answers you need.

Dr. Morstein is now back in private practice in Tempe, AZ. Her clinic, Arizona Integrative Medical Solutions, is a gastrointestinal focused practice.

Dr. Morstein has been a highly praised speaker on the first and second SIBO Summits. She is a frequent contributor to medical conferences and webinars. 

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Learn the exact strategies Dr. Morstein uses with her clients. See first hand what she teaches to other practitioners around the world when they come to her for advice to help their patients.

  • Access to the entire recorded Digestion Masterclass plus Q&A to watch whenever you need to

  • Handouts and resources to follow along plus transcripts

  • The full transcript so you can easily find the information you need. Print it out and highlight it, or bring it with you to your next doctor's appointment.

If you’ve ever considered taking a PPI — that "little purple pill" that is so tempting or if you’ve heard mixed things about HCL and whether it is safe, join us so you can get the facts and start seeing an immediate difference in your digestive health.

This is a rare moment where you’ll be able to learn exactly what has worked for Dr. Morstein over the last 3 decades. You also need to know what may make things worse when it comes to SIBO-specific digestive tips and tricks.


Let’s get your SIBO under control 
(once and for all)!


These digestion boosting tips are working right now for many people with SIBO, but it can be confusing at first.


You don’t need to figure it out alone!

The Digestion Masterclass Recording will take you through a straightforward and
easy-to-understand lesson on digestion, then give you a chance to have
YOUR questions answered.

Learn the exact successful strategies Dr. Morstein uses with her own clients. You'll see why other top practitioners come to her for advice to help their patients with tough SIBO cases.

You'll discover:

  • Useful conventional tests for uncovering various gastrointestinal conditions

  • The latest integrative tests for uncovering various gastrointestinal conditions

  • Which types of digestive enzymes are secreted in different areas of the body, and symptoms related to a deficiency in them

  • Is HCL acid safe to give to everyone with SIBO?

  • What does the gallbladder produce and what symptoms show it is not working well?

  • What can be done when HCL is unsafe for patients to help with protein digestion?

  • What common test can diagnose if one's pancreas is not functioning well?  

Figuring out the puzzle of your SIBO symptoms and treatments to achieve optimal digestion is no easy feat - that's why Dr. Morstein is considered to be an "expert's expert" in piecing it all together - one person at a time.

Now, you don't have to travel to get the best of Dr. Morstein's ever-advancing SIBO knowledge... you can access it anytime you want on any mobile device at hand. Top flight SIBO digestion wisdom + ultimate convenience. It's the best of both worlds.








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