Here's what you'll discover...

  • The stool analysis markers that clinicians use to work up a functional GI case
  • What these markers are testing for and what to look for in your own results
  • Which markers are linked to various health issues, like colon cancer, estrogen imbalances, IBD, food allergies, SIBO, overgrowth of bacteria, yeast, and Candida, and more
  • Which markers have proven to be the most valid – and how much they should influence your decisions around treatments
  • ...and so much more!

Here's what you'll discover...

  • Why you're constipated – common contributors and the most overlooked cause
  • The difference between constipation and outlet dysfunction constipation (and why you need to know which type you have)
  • The crucial role your pelvic floor muscles play in your bowel movements
  • What to expect from an exam to determine the cause of your constipation 
  • Treatments for outlet dysfunction constipation – putting it all together to feel better
  • ...and so much more!

Consider the link between IBS, SIBO, and the mouth. Learn How to eradicate bad bacteria in the mouth safely. Case study: root canal recovery. Plus discussion about Autoimmune, heart disease, and other links to the oral microbiome.

  • Common causes of hair loss – and how to find out which one is causing YOUR loss
  • Clinical tips, like what to ask your doctor and how to do the testing
  • What the condition of your hair tells you about the rest of your health
  • Tips for improving the health of your hair and preventing hair loss
  • Surprising signs of fatty liver issues
  • Best foods for healing 
  • Supplements that normalize liver enzymes
  • What a mold-related illness is, and how it may be interfering with your ability to heal from other conditions, including SIBO
  • Symptoms of mold-related illnesses – from inflammation to pain, to skin issues and more
  • What to ask yourself (or your patients) to help determine if mold is impacting your health
  • Various types of treatments – and the order to do them in
  • Food & supplement tips to help you feel better, faster
  • The role of bitters & bile (this doesn't sound exciting, but it is if you're a gut health nerd!)
  • MCAS (Mast Cell Activation Syndrome) and gut health
  • The IBS/SIBO-diet-leaky gut “Venn diagram” and why it matters for healing
  • Why SIBO is not just about gut health and how to take a whole-body approach
  • The mechanisms methane uses to slow motility (and hope for future treatments)
  • Why motility should be a part of any SIBO/IBS treatment
  • Understanding the 4 phases of detox
  • Supplements and herbs that enhance liver detox
  • The problem with glyphosate and supplements that help

The Top Ten Sources of Chronic Inflammation & Toxicity in the Mouth with Dr. Gerald Curatola

  • Understand the organism behind so much suffering - Methanogens physiology
  • What treatments work for methanogen overgrowth? (Antibiotics vs Statins)
  • Testing - can we distinguish between SIBO, IMO and SIFO, without it?
  • Can diarrhea patients have an overgrowth of methanogens? (yes!)
  • What is a gas-o-transmitter (and why SIBO patients need to know about them)?
  • Why IMO/Methane-SIBO is harder to treat?
  • What is a new, alternative treatment for IMO/Methane-SIBO?
  • Reality check: adjusting relapse expectations
  • Low fermentation SIBO diets for prevention of relapse
  • Methanogens and their impact on our microbiome