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SIBO Recovery Roadmap® Course

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  • 5 Live Q&A Sessions throughout the year
  • 40+ Video Lessons
  • Searchable Transcripts
  • SIBO Essentials: An 8-Lesson Video Course
  • Bonus Content: Handouts, guides, research studies & video classes
  • Updates on important research and future breakthroughs
  • The SIBO SOS® Community Facebook group


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SIBO Recovery Roadmap®️ Course

An online course to identify, treat, and beat SIBO/IMO

"Thank you Shivan for making the SIBO Recovery Roadmap® course. After watching the videos I wish I had Sr. Siebecker as my Dr. (don’t we all)! She is methodical and has a path to follow. Dr. Siebecker makes me feel like there is a way forward." -Jo

"The SIBO Recovery Roadmap is great- I wish I’d had it at the beginning of my SIBO ‘journey’ instead of wading through so much info and not finding what I needed. This presentation is so clear and thorough." -Patty

"I devoured the SIBO Recovery Roadmap course and found it so helpful" -Helen